What is it really like to work in Holland? Click on a profile and read more about the experiences of our Holland Career Ambassadors! Our Holland Career Ambassadors have all studied in the Netherlands and have found a job here.  It is a very diverse group - different nationality, study background, age, job and period of time they have been in the Netherlands- so there will definitely be a Holland Career Ambassador that is able to answer your specific questions.

Get in touch with our Holland Career Ambassadors and they will gladly tell you and share their experiences!

You can connect with them through their contact information listed below their career story. Ask them for advice or have them inspire you with their stories. Would you like to get in touch with them via email, please send your email request to alumni@nuffic.nl and we will make sure they get your message.

Do you want to get in touch with them face-to-face? They are present at the Holland Career Career Cafés that we organise. Check this page to see when the next Holland Career Café will take place! There is also a big chance you will see them at different career events organised throughout the Netherlands! They often tell about their experiences and give you tips and tricks on how to get a job in the Dutch labour market. 


Ekpo Samuel

Samuel Ekpo - Nigeria
Teaching/Research Assistant at
University of Groningen, Faculty
of Theology and Religious Studies

Milicent Ngicho

Millicent Ngicho - Kenya
Project Officer
at KNCV - Tuberculosis Foundation

Aemro B. Amare - Ethiopia
Data Engineer/ Software Developer at Quby International


Riptoningrum Upiek Sumanti

Upiek Sumanti Riptoningrum -Indonesia
IT Advisor on Innovation
at Koninklijke Kentalis 

Xia Ruth

Ruth Xia - China
Senior Structural Engineer
at SBM Offshore 

Dipen Shah - India
Group and Project Lead
at ZoBio BV

Warris Jacob - India
Online Growth Marketeer
at Measuremen

Anna Belikova - Russia
Finance Controller at Blanco Services B.V. 

Dilnoza Muslimova - Uzbekistan
PhD Candidate Erasmus School of Economics

Subir Singh Thakur - India
Project coordinator at ASML

Giang Ngo - Vietnam
Global Partnerships Specialist at PayU


Digtiarova Iryna

Iryna Digtiarova - Ukraine
Finance Administrator
at Eindhoven University of

Georgiev Petyo

Petyo Georgiev - Bulgary
Treasury Analyst FX
at Avery Dennison


Inge van de Werf - Netherlands
PhD student at VUmc

Kurzen Lena

Lena Kurzen - Germany
'Critical mind'
at Critical Minds 

Manolova Victoria

Victoria Manolova - Bulgary
Marketing Executive
at Xinaps 

Matakiadis Theodoros

Theodoros Matakiadis - Greece
Seed Technology &
Sanitation Research Coordinator
at Monsanto
Co-owner of Greek Food Tales

Sahin Egemen

Egemen Sahin - Turkey
‎Quantitative Risk Analyst
at Rabobank

Sahin Nilgun

Nilgun Sahin -Turkey
Project Manager
at SysBioSim BV 

Yetisir Emine

Emine Yetisir - Turkey
Junior Legal Counsel
at GarantiBank International NV

Arla Gruda - Albany
on family planning in DRC
at International Institute of
Social Studies

Neli Mesyova

Neli Mesyova - Bulgary
Project Manager
at Carerix

Oana Chitu - Romania
Co-founder at Studli

Eleanor Dawson - England
Business Developer at Ttopstart


Lue Christi

Christi Lue - Tobago
Acting Editor – Law at Springer Science+ Business Media B.V.

Flores Karla

Karla Flores Hurtado - Mexico
Customer Advocate at Atlassian

Foremnyi Dmitry

Alejandro Rodriguez - Mexico
Software Designer at ASML

Raul Leal

Raul Leal - Colombia
Information analist
at Bol.com

Magalhaes Lucas

Lucas Magalhaes - Brasil
IT Trainee/Innovation
Innovation Specialist
at NN Group

Juliana Marques - Brasil
Digital Communication Manager
at Philips

Angela Lorena Pinzon Pardo - Colombia & Italy
Industrial Technical Consultant at Ecolab

Vanessa Dos Santos - Brasil
Marketing and Communications officer at Joint Aviation Authorities Training organisation

Rodrigo Velasco Aguilar - Mexico
Junior Analyst at Syphony Retail Al


Roger Salhani

Roger Salhani - Syria
IT Management Consultant

Ayham AlKawi - Syria

IT Consultant at Ernst & Young