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#FundRight launched with 25 Dutch VC’s to bridge the gender funding gap

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25 progressive Dutch venture capital investors (VCs) and TechLeap.NL (formerly StartupDelta) are entering into a joint initiative under the name #FundRight that will lead to a more diverse startup ecosystem. 

As a first step, they are addressing equal funding opportunities for female founders by signing the diversity statement. They also call on other VCs to endorse this declaration.‘We, the participating Dutch venture capital investors, believe in equal access to finance and opportunities for all founders, regardless of their background or gender’, the VCs write. They also recognize that there is no such equality at present. A significant fact is that in 2017 only 1,6% of venture capital in the Netherlands was invested in female founders and only 6,8% in mixed teams. This is despite the fact that research shows that diverse teams have a positive influence on performance.

By endorsing the statement, the VCs not only take a stand on #FundRight but also take responsibility by committing themselves to the following actions:
  • Within 3 years of this statement, we as participating VCs ourselves and the management teams of our current and future portfolio companies will have a 35% female workforce.
  • A significant percentage of the companies in which we (co)invest are (co)founded by a woman.
  • We will publish an annual report, produced by TechLeap.NL, containing the most important statistics on the gender diversity of Dutch venture capital investors and their portfolio companies.
  • We actively disseminate our statement, share our experiences and approaches with each other, with the ultimate goal of having 100% of all Dutch venture capital investors subscribed by 2022.

Read the whole article on TechLeap.nl.

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