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86% of new graduates submit a digital application to the IND for the ‘Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons’

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In the spring of 2018, the IND started campaigns to encourage recent graduates to submit applications for the 'Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons' in digital form.

For example, the IND Client Communication Department, in collaboration with Nuffic, organised a special Webinar on the 'Orientation Year'. This webinar was attended and viewed by many students. The results are clear!

The IND strives to take a decision on a completed application submitted digitally for the 'Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons' within two weeks. This enables clients to receive decisive answers to their applications quickly and in many cases it spares a visit to an IND desk. In collaboration with Nuffic, there is active communication on this topic with institutions and students.

Partly due to the good collaboration between Nuffic and IND, the digital application for the 'Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons' is currently the most frequently used e-application percentage-wise. In September, no less than 86% of recent graduates submitted the applications digitally!


Click here for more information about the webinar.

Source: Immigration and  Naturalisation Service

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