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Advance notice Cooperation Indonesia-The Netherlands call 2019

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The second call in the Cooperation Indonesia-The Netherlands programme is expected to be opened for submissions in May 2019. The theme of the 2019 call will be 'Renewable Energy'.

The call for proposals invites interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary consortia to submit research proposals on certain aspects on renewable energy. There should be two principal investigators, one based in the Netherlands and one in Indonesia. The consortia should consist of researchers from research institutions in both countries as well as at least one commercial partner or one societal stakeholder (such as (regional) government or NGOs). The Indonesian work package leader must be a researcher from an Indonesian university.

Cooperation Indonesia-The Netherlands

The collaboration with Indonesia focuses on mutual strengthening of scientific knowledge and the development of innovative solutions to increase societal resilience. Collaboration between researchers and practitioners from the public sector, civil society and industry forms an important part of this.

The Cooperation Indonesia-The Netherlands Programme falls under the framework of NWO’s Merian Fund, with the 2019 call being the first of a four-year collaboration under this framework. The programme builds on previous scientific collaboration between Indonesia and the Netherlands, and aims to stimulate further collaboration between Indonesian and Dutch scientists, with “Resilient Societies” as overarching theme. NWO and the Indonesian Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education (RISTEKDIKTI) decide on a topic each year for a joint call for proposals.

For more information about the contributions for the consortia, click here.

Source: NWO

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