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Alumni Instagram takeover: meet Eugen

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This week we have a special takeover on the Study in Holland Instagram: a student/alumni takeover. Always wanted to know what it is like to work and study in Holland? Ask Eugen! This week Eugen will show you around Holland while working and studying in two cities. Head over to our IG @studyinholland account and ask away!

Eugen just posted: 

Hi friends!

I'm Eugen and for the oncoming week I'll take you all on a journey through my student life here in Holland. 

For future you could find me on @eugen.gavriluta

Short about me, I'm originally from Republic of Moldova, here in The Netherlands doing my masters in Biomedical Engineer at TU Delft, but I'm also working part-time as a Software Developer at an awesome company in Eindhoven. So, through this week we'll be at least in 2 cities. 

Other then that I'm active, doing different sports and contest, member of different student/alumni organizations .

Hope you'll enjoy this journey as I will!

Check out the Study in Holland account and follow Eugen's week!

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