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Alumni Sharing Session - Pre-Departure Briefing Jakarta 2018

  • 17 Aug 2018
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Alumni Sharing Session - Pre-Departure Briefing Jakarta 2018

The alumni sharing has been one of the most anticipated programmes at the Pre-Departure Briefing. At the alumni sharing, students could directly ask alumni about their experience and stories on living and studying in the Netherlands. This year there were 61 alumni from 21 universities sharing their experience to more than 150 students. 

The alumni and students were grouped based on the cities of their universities, and Nuffic Neso Indonesia as the organiser tried their best to have alumni for all universities of the students attending the Pre-Departure Briefing.

Discussed topics at the alumni sharing session were not much different from last year's, ranging from classroom atmosphere, finding places of worship, where to get a bicycle, to sports and cultural activities. With the alumni sharing session, students could get a more in-depth information about their universities and future home cities and also meeting other students from the same universities, thus opening a new network. For the alumni themselves, they (re-)connected with other alumni and exchanged ideas on what they can do within the alumni network. 

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