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DigiD for Dummies

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Healthcare for internationals (H4i) is a non-profit network of organisations that aim to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of patients with an international background. The network has members and projects in 6 regions across the Netherlands. 


Research has shown that many of the 850,000 people from an international background, living and working in the Netherlands, don’t feel comfortable with Dutch healthcare. Confidence in doctors is very low; only 32% trust the judgement of their doctor, compared to 85% amongst the Dutch.

This is partly because internationals are used to other health systems that allow, for instance, direct access to medical specialists or where antibiotics or diagnostic tests are more readily prescribed. In addition there may be differences in culture and in most cases a language barrier. Being told that Dutch healthcare is amongst the best in the world does not automatically build confidence and often even is counterproductive.

Navigating Dutch healthcare

Many expats and other internationals not only feel uncomfortable in Dutch healthcare, they also find themselves poorly informed about the system. The H4i Community platform aims to provide information to internationals about Dutch healthcare and Health insurance that better meets their needs.

What is DigiD?

DigiD is stands for Digital identification and is a tool that you will come across in The Netherlands rather sooner than later.

If you want to use the digital services of health insurance providers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and national, regional or local governmental organisations you are very likely required to use DigiD.

Therefore, you are advised to apply for DigiD upon arrival. At our Healthcare for internationals (H4i) information site you can read how to apply for and manage your DigiD.

Some DigiD screens are only in Dutch

Although a lot of information about DigiD is provided in English, surprisingly and inconveniently some key screens to apply for and use DigiD are only in Dutch. A new topic at our platform helps you to find your way.

Read more on how to use DigiD and more info on the Dutch healthcare here.

Source: h4i.nl

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