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Don't forget: Week of the International Student 2019

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This week is the Week of the International Student 2019 (WotIS)! During this week higher education institutions and vocational education and training institutions in the Netherlands put students with international experience in the spotlight. This also includes Dutch students who study abroad. 

Every year, the Week of the International Student is celebrated around the Day of the International Student, November 17th. 

An international experience adds to the personal as well as the professional growth of Dutch and international students. Therefore, this year's theme is: what are the benefits of an international experience? Students who spend time abroad or have spent time abroad, share a similar experience that makes them stand out. This is exactly what unites them and we want to make the most of that connection! This week is also the perfect moment to enthuse other students to take that leap as well!

What has Nuffic planned for you?

For this year's week, Study in Holland, WilWeg, Erasmus+, Holland Alumni Network and Global Development created Studio WotIS for Dutch as well as international students. During the Week of the International Student organise 3 Facebook live sessions on topics related to this year’s theme. All the Facebook live sessions will be broadcoasted on the Study in Holland Facebook page. Sounds awesome right!? Only thing you have to do, is tune in to our Study in Holland Facebook page on one (or all) of the days below, sit back and enjoy. Of course, there is room to fire away your questions during each live session!  

You can still join us in the following sessions:

  • The third Facebook live session is on Wednesday 20 November from 16:00-16:30 and has the following theme: 'Getting out of your comfort zone: skills and experiences you obtain when studying abroad.'
  • The last Facebook live session is on Thursday 21 november from 16:30-17:30 and will be about how studying abroad can lead to something bigger: using your international experience to find a job. 

    A special event this year is Nuffic's podcast roadshow. We will visit 3 institutions with a mobile studio to record a podcast in front of a live audience. Dutch and international students will be interviewed about the benefits of their international experience. You can already listen to one of the podcasts here

    We created a category "Week of the International Student 2019" over on our event page, so make sure to check out all the events that will take place during the Week of the International Student 2019!

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