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Driven by logistics - an alumnus story of André de Fazio

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Port of ManausA Dutch master’s degree in Maritime Economics and Logistics brought André de Fazio a long way. Currently working at the Brazilian Association of Port Terminals and as a partner in a trading company, Andre brought a Dutch edge to the Brazilian swing.

André de Fazio now works as a technical superintendent at the ABTP (Brazilian Association of Port Terminals). He also is a partner in a trading company that mainly exports Brazilian products (agrobusiness and ore) to several countries, including NL. Recently, he became partner in a consultancy company and professor at FGV, one of the best business universities in Brazil, at discipline “International Logistics and Ports system”.  In 2003 he came to Rotterdam, the most important city in the field of logistics to follow a master in Maritime Economics and Logistics at Erasmus University. Andre still loves to come back to the Netherlands to connect with his old colleagues and international connections. 

Born in Santos, Brazil, a city that is well established in the field of logistics, André’s fascination with the logistics industry began at a young age. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Campinas (Brazil), he started working as a Project Engineer at TIM Business, an Italian telecom company where he was responsible for the operational infrastructure. In 2003 he started working for P&O NedLloyd (now called P&O Ferries), one of the biggest names in the world of logistics and responsible for transporting more than 8 million people and almost 3 million freights per year across the North Sea. Working for P&O took him to his most treasured experience, studying abroad in the Netherlands.  

Living in the NetherlandsPicture of the Port of Rotterdam by Guido Pijper

After arriving in Rotterdam, André was quick to learn about the Dutch punctuality. “I was supposed to meet up with some of my classmates for a group project, but when I arrived 10.10 (instead of 10 o’clock), no one was there. I stayed for another 20 minutes, only to learn that they had already left. This was definitely a learning experience, and something I could also apply to my future career.”

André’s favourite thing about Dutch culture is too difficult a question. There are many things he loves about the Netherlands. For example, Dutch trade history, that made cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht flourish. André is also a fan of the Dutch international mentality with regards to economics and trade, that gave the Netherlands as a small country the ability to thrive on the world stage, together with great powers such as the United States and China. He is also a big fan of the Dutch public transport. “In the Netherlands, you know exactly when a train or bus is supposed to arrive, but in Brazil you stand at a bus stop and hope that a bus comes by in the next 25 minutes.” 

Something he advises to students who are thinking of going abroad: ‘do it’. “By going abroad you extend your network, get acquainted with a new culture and you can improve yourself personally and professionally, and the Netherlands are great for this. There are also many things to see such as Kinderdijk, the Keukenhof, and the picturesque cities such as Maastricht and Utrecht.”

Holland Alumni 

When it comes to the Holland Alumni network, André’s enthusiasm can hardly be matched. After he joined the network when he graduated, he quickly met new people in the field of logistics from all over the world, such as China, Mexico and Africa. And after all these years, he is still in touch with them. Currently, André is also one of the Study in Holland ambassador for Nuffic Neso Brazil and the president of the MEL/EUR Alumni Association (Maritime, Economics and Logistics). “I am very proud to be one of the Study in Holland Ambassators in Brazil, since 2015, where we have full support from Nuffic (Neso Brazil and the HAn team in NL), Dutch Embassy, Dutch Consulate, Dutcham. Nuffic is an important vehicle to connect and promote the Netherlands all over the world. Through Nuffic, I have attended several events in São Paulo and Brasilia including, but not limited to: King´s Day, pre-departure meetings, university presentations (Erasmus University, Nyenrode), Orange Talks, Dutcham, web seminars and more.  

Through this, he still feels connected to the Netherlands, and it still remains one of his favourite countries.

André in short

Profile picture of Andre de fazioAndré came to the Netherlands in 2003 to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam, one of the most important port cities in the world. He has learned a lot from the Dutch and Dutch culture, such as punctuality and a problem solver mentality. He has also built an extensive network of people in the MEL sector (Maritime Economics and Logistics), who he still sees and speaks to today. His tip for other international students: go and do it. His time in the Netherlands was the most interesting and fun opportunity in regards to his professional ans well as his personal life.

Find André in this website or on Linkedin.

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