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Dutch Development cooperation world wide

  • 22 May 2019
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Dutch Development cooperation world wide

Education is the engine for growth: see what the Dutch government has realized with its development cooperation policy in 2018 concerning the Sustainable Development Goals

The Dutch development policy supports various countries. This report describes results in eighteen countries with which the Netherlands had a special development relationship in the reporting period. This includes three countries in the Middle East in which the Netherlands invested in the protection and prospects of refugees and displaced persons: Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In this reporting period, it also includes regional programmes for the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa.

Source: Dutch Development Results

Check this map and select a country or region to see in which countries and on which themes the Dutch government has contributed to reaching the SDGs. You also see what themes received most attention in the selected area. For example in Bangladesh, where the Netherlands is committed to supporting water management, water supply and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender, food security and nutrition, sustainable value chains, and human rights. Or Ghana, where 72,462 people are now using safely managed drinking water services and where 7,548 family farms have increased productivity and/or income.

Read more about the other countries and the ten main themes here.

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Jacqueline van Lier



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