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Dutch Showcases: Supply Chain Management in Agribusiness 2017


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On Friday 25 August 2017 Nuffic Neso Vietnam, the Holland Alumni network Logistics Chapter and TKI Dinalog co-organized a networking event to introduce 2 Dutch top sectors Logistics and Agriculture to Holland Alumni, professionals, government representatives and experts in relevant sectors.

Dutch top sectors: Logistics and Agribusiness

The Netherlands is the gateway to Europe because it holds a strategic coastal location at the heart of Europe and has multiple ports. Taking this advantage, the Dutch have been building up their logistics network to support global trade. No matter what logistics network, the Netherlands can provide it whether by air, over sea or land, the Netherlands is a steady player in the top 5 of the world.

This makes the Netherlands one of the most convenient supply chain coordinators for any business partner in the world. Besides, the Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of agricultural products and all of this is backed and supported by a top-quality education system on both research and practical capacity and a world-class logistics facility system.

“Vietnam is an important market for Dutch knowledge and innovations. We organise this event to create visibility on the strength of the Dutch logistics sector by providing showcases of Dutch companies managing their supply chains in Vietnam and to create a network of Logistics professionals supporting the ties between the Netherlands and Vietnam”, said Mr Pham Dinh Bang, Chief Representative Officer of Nuffic Neso Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Logistics Performance Index and showcases of Dutch companies in Agribusiness

While Mathilde Tran - Senior Manager of PwC Consulting Vietnam talked about the potential of logistics in Vietnam, Siebe van Wijk – CEO of FreshStudio shared the company’s successful story in how it became a product provider for McDonalds in Vietnam. Ms Tina Thuy from De Heus on the other hand, shared the challenges and solutions in importing and producing animal nutrition.

The presenters later joined the networking drinks together with the audience and were able to answer many questions. Nuffic Neso Vietnam and the Holland Alumni network Logistics Chapter look forward to organizing similar events in the future to give an opportunity for companies to share and exchange their passion for the Logistics and Agribusiness sectors.

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