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Enjoy a musical Easter

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Easter is here! In January the first Easter eggs appear in Dutch supermarkets, making it very difficult to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. When Easter does arrive, families get together to enjoy a lovely brunch or breakfast and set out to join organised Easter eggs hunts with their kids, and although the Dutch population does not visit church as much as fifty years ago, many families visit their local parish during this holiday.

The few weeks before Easter, Dutch concert halls start performing their version of the St. Matthew Passion. The music composed by Bach and narrated through lyrics by Picander, tells the story of Christ’s betrayal, crucifixion, resurrection and burial. Even though Dutch Easter has been commercialised in the last century, many people still visit the performance of the St. Matthew Passion every year and its considered a real Dutch Easter tradition. 

2020 will be a very unconventional Easter since public gatherings in teh Netherlands have been forbidden until June 1st. This also means that concerts and events have been cancelled. However, thanks to digital technology, it is now possible to listen and experience the St. Matthew Passion in your very own living room.

This also goes for another musical experience by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, who were suposed to be on a world tour right now. Instead, they have created an online concert to entertain their fans in these times. Through YouTube and other channels it is possible to enjoy their music from home. 

We hope that for those who celebrate Easter, you will still be able to enjoy a musical performance and an Easter egg or two ... or three ...

Take a look at the at the St Matthew Passion here!  

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