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EU Agenda 2024

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The Members of the European Parliament are elected every five years. Next week Thursday the 23rd of May, the European Elections are held which means that all citizens of the European Union can vote. 

The world’s only directly elected trans-national assembly, the Parliament represents the interests of EU citizens at the European level. It elects the President of the European Commission, appoints its Commissioners (as a college) and holds them to account. It passes laws for our protection and budgets on our behalf. It represents us abroad and acts on our petitions. The discourse of its Members shapes our political and social agenda upholding the values of the Treaty of the European Union.

Source: European Elections

The Netherlands has identified five central themes which should be given priority in the EU: migration, security, a strong and sustainable economy that offers protection, climate policy and protecting values and interests abroad. Next to these five priorities the Netherlands considers that EU governance and the functioning of the EU should also be embedded in the Strategic Agenda, to chart the course towards a future-proof, effective and robust European Union.

More on each of the six Dutch key priorities can be found on the pages below. Additional documents, policy papers and graphics will be shared there.

Read more about the EU agenda of the Netherlands here

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