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Featuring some 'our' women on International Women's Day

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Over the years many international women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds have found their way to the Netherlands to enrich their lives and knowledge to contribute to a better world. There are too many to feature on our website, but we are proud of each and every one of them! We are happy to share some of the stories of these female change makers here and hope to inspire you with their tales!

Ruua, a dentist from Sudan, is currently studying in the Netherlands (KIT) with the ambition of contributing to the health system in her home country of Sudan by learning from people from 19 different countries during her master's programme in Public health. Listen to her story here.

Carmen from Colombia (WUR), Mulu from Ethiopia (Van Hall Larenstein/MSM/Tilburg University) and Delphine from indonesia (UU/RUG) were our treasured panellists at the Day of the International Student Celebration in Amsterdam on 22 November 2019.  They not only shared their dreams with us on how to change the policies, way of life and thinking in their respective fields and home countries. But they also shared their experiences studying in the Netherlands, learning to ride a bike and interacting with the Dutch and students and professionals from around the globe. Click here to listen to the podcast of the panel discussion.

Anna from Russia stayed in the Netherlands after her studies and is currently building and handling finance processes and identifying opportunities for savings, optimizing order-to-cash flow and solving business cases for her current employer. Her ambitions go beyond this as she is also preparing reports for investors, attending FinTech events and applying for start-up awards. Read more here about Anna's study and work experiences in the Netherlands.

Luisa from Colombia also studies in the Netherlands in a Master's programme for Public Health, By learning from the professors as well as her class mates from all continents, she gains new knowledge and insight to cure malnutrition and improve the health system in her home country  ... or even in Latin America! Listen to her story here.

And if you are a woman with a great story to share of your study experience in the Netherlands or the impact it had on you or your organisation or community, please share this with us and your fellow Holland Alumni via the Wall of this website or

We thank all of you female change makers from leaving your mark on our institutions, your countries and our planet!

Happy international Women's Day
to all of you around the globe!

Pictures of our featured females change makers Ruaa, Carmen, Delphine, Mulu, Anna and LuisaFLTR our female change makers: Ruaa, Carmen, Delphone, Mulu, Anna and Luisa 

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