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Further evidence that international students are increasingly prioritising employment outcomes

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A new study of alumni from eight Asian sending markets reinforces the importance of employment outcomes as an underlying motivation for study abroad. The study underscores as well the important role that alumni can play in promoting graduate outcomes to prospective students.

Post-secondary institutions engaged in recruiting international students should be highlighting the career outcomes of graduates in their promotional materials, according to findings from a new research study conducted among more than 10,700 international alumni from eight countries: China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

The study is entitled International Student Employment Outcomes and Satisfaction (ISEOS) and was produced jointly by the market research firm Decision Lab and the International Alumni Job Network (IAJN). Respondents had studied at Australian, American, British, Canadian, European and New Zealand universities.

Most study abroad to improve career prospects
More than eight in ten (81%) of surveyed alumni said that they chose to study abroad to improve career opportunities, and 43% decided to study abroad to pursue a specific career. The next most important driver of study abroad was the opportunity to live abroad (39%).

Despite alumni advice emerging as the most accurate source of information that students can rely on for information on work rights and employment outcomes, only 7% of alumni said they had accessed such advice. The most often-accessed source of information about international study was the institutional website and/or school representatives (32%) followed by educational counsellor/agent (27%). Alumni respondents, however, found these sources to be less accurate regarding work opportunities and outcomes than advice from alumni, pointing to a real opportunity for institutions to leverage their alumni more through testimonials and video.

Read more on the results of the study here.

Source: monitor.icef.com

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