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Help wanted: Nuffic conducts a survey on the effects of COVID-19 on your future study plans

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We believe we can all agree on the fact that these are unusual times!  But the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are different for all of us. Some of us many be personally affected by the virus while others have been lucky to stay healthy and safe. Also, many have seen changes in their job or study perspectives.  As the organisation for internationalisation in education, of course, Nuffic is especially interested in that last perspective. 

Therefore, we would like to gain better insight into which factors are affecting your future study plans through an anonymous survey. Your answers will help us to better inform you and other prospective students about studying in the Netherlands in these unusual and challenging times.

If you filled out this survey before (in May), which has resulted in this report, we warmly invite you to do so again, as circumstances are continuously changing and you may want to answer differently from last time. If you have not yet filled out this survey, we invite you to participate!

Completing this survey will take less than 5 minutes and must be complete by July 5th 2020.

To the survey

If you are interested to learn more about the corona measures at the Dutch higher education institutions or other aspects of your study (plans) in the Netherlands, please check out this webpage for information from specific institutions and this info sheet.

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