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Dear all the generous donors,

On behalf Holland alumni charity program team, we want to express our sincere appreciation for the donation you have recently made for our charity program. As you know, this program represents the dedication of Holland alumni in Indonesia to support Government and the community at fighting the outbreak of the Covid-19 and, by now, we managed to collect the donations IDR 32.467.300,00/ per 20 May 2020 (IDR 22.762.000: collected by I am Stuned team (the alumni association of StuNed awardee); IDR 5.000.000: collected Holland alumni network in the North Sumatera, and IDR 4.705.300 collected by  Yayasan Generasi Cerdas Iklim (Climate smart generation foundation) and MIC lampung team. This would have never been possible without people like you who kindly support this program. 

Your donation was distributed to the urban poor, needy people, also some hospitals and the Covid-19 health centers in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, and Bekasi which consist of hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, hazmat (coverall jumpsuit), shoes cover, cloth masks, sock and face shields. 

Thank you once again for your generous donation


Holland Alumni Network Indonesia 

Distributing 27 packs of  basic need for the urban poor, elderly people and other low-income of subsistence workers in the North Sumatera


The disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer for the officers of the Indonesian ministry of health in Bogor 

Distributing hazmat and face-shields to the hospital

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