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Holland Alumni Committed to Contribute to A Sustainable Future

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Speakers at the Holland Alumni Talk on Friday, February 15, 2019, declared their commitment to contribute to SDGs relevant to their fields of expertise. This ranged from renewable energy to responsible consumption to quality education.

The event’s theme was Creating A Sustainable Future”, and it aimed to encourage alumni to create or develop actions in their community or environment. 

Located in Burgreens Menteng, a vegan burger joint, the talk was attended by 14 alumni from diverse study backgrounds. After a brief opening by Alumni Officer of Nuffic Neso Indonesia Oxalis Atindriyaratri on developing sustainable alumni network in Indonesia, the talk was led by Yulia, an urban strategic designer and IHS - Erasmus University Rotterdam alumna. Yulia explained why sustainability is a big notion today and what we can do to achieve a sustainable future. 

The first speaker was Oky Adrian, who delivered a presentation on “Expanding Educational Opportunities for Students in Island and Remote Rural Area”. Oky currently works as Head of Cooperation and Publication Affairs, Research and Development Office at the Ministry of Education and Culture. He delivered his presentation from the perspectives of the Indonesian government, including their efforts to support sustainable education, in line with the SDG 4 (Quality Education). He also introduced Aktsa Efendy, a young and talented Indonesian who developed Mejakita. Mejakita is a startup where students around Indonesia can share and exchange their knowledge through a free, online education platform. 

The next speaker was Max Mandias, co-founder of Burgreens. Just like Oky, Max is an alumnus of HAN University of Applied Sciences. As an entrepreneur, Max explained the importance of sustainable food industry, in line with the focus of SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). He further explained how our eating behaviour could change the agricultural industry, and responsible consumption will contribute to sustainable food industry. Through Burgreens, not only does he promote healthy lifestyle, but also social empowerment, by cooperating with local female farmers for their food sources. 

Last, but not least, the final speaker was Ichsan, an Eindhoven University of Technology alumnus who has years of experience in sustainable energy. Ichsan has involved in many projects concerning renewable energy, and currently he is Vice Chairman of Rural Electrification Indonesia Renewable Energy Society (IRES) and Secretary General of Indonesian Renewable Energy Cooperative (KOPETINDO). His presentation was mainly on sustainable rural electrification for a circular economy in Indonesia through his previous and ongoing projects, including “Desa Mandiri Energy” (energy self-sufficient village) and sustainable businesses through sustainable market, sustainable resources, and sustainable financing. 

The presentations were followed by a discussion with alumni, including the three pillars of sustainability (people, planet, and profit), and how to start a sustainable action in their communities. The discussion was very interesting and many alumni were very enthusiastic, and it served as an effective platform for knowledge and experience exchange.

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