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Holland alumni helped to promote the Dutch Education at the Holland Scholarship Day 2020

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On Saturday, 18 January 2020, Nuffic Neso Indonesia held Holland Scholarship Day 2020 in Erasmus Huis, Jakarta. This is an annual event by Nuffic Neso Indonesia to introduce and promote the Dutch education and scholarships. Not only providing booths of univesities across the Netherlands, the event is also enriched with seminars by scholarship providers in Indonesia such as LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education), MoRA (Ministry of Religious Affairs) scholarship, and Erasmus+ as well as a thematic seminar delivered by Holland alumnae titled “Behind the Scene of Scholarship Application.”

Four Holland alumnae from different universities and were funded by different scholarship providers during their study shared on their experience and strategies to apply for scholarships to the Netherlands. Ikrom Mustofa (LPDP scholarship awardee, Wageningen university), Ika Nurfitriani Listyanti (Maastricht University Holland-High Potential Scholarship awardee, Maastricht university), Alfa Gasani (StuNed awardee, Groningen University), Shidiq Muhammad (Erasmus + scholarship awardee, Groningen university). All shared very useful information on the said tips and strategies in front of more than 330 visitors.

All Speakers elaborate crucial matters to arrange during scholarship application such as admission requirements and strategies in choosing a study program. Most of speakers agree that studying in the Netherlands encourage them to be more participative as well as braver in expressing opinions in a forum. Ikrom, whose study was funded by LPDP, mentioned that the availability of many study programs will ease you to plan your study. He emphasized that his study requires an interdisciplinary approach to see a problem not only from one perspective but many. Ika, a Holland alumni who got a scholarship from Maastricht University taking her second master’s degree in Psychology, said that the diverse environment within the campus shaped her to be an individual who easily adjusts to a new environment. 

On the other hand, Shidiq, whose master’s degree was funded by Erasmus+, pointed out that the network he built during his master’s is helpful in creating his career path. He advised participants to look for a study program that is novel which not many Indonesians aware of. The last speaker in the session was a StuNed awardee, Alfa Gasani. She thinks that studying in the Netherlands made him to get to know more about Indonesia. She added that persistency and critical thinking will help every students to finish their study on time. 

The late afternoon session was on how to write motivation statement delivered by a Holland alumnae, Suci Anatasya, who got a scholarship from StuNed and currently working as a lecturer at Jakarta School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (Poltekkes), Jakarta. Apart from the alumni sharing on stage, visitors could ask alumni about their Holland experience at the alumni booth.

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