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Holland Alumni in Dutch television programma

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In the Dutch television programme “Floortje en de Ambassadeurs”, Presenter Floortje Dessing visits Dutch ambassadors in different countries. In two of those episodes, we see international alumni who studied in the Netherlands and are now back in their home country. Unfortunately, the programme is only available in Dutch, but some parts are in English. 

Holland Alumni in Russia

In the “Rusland” episode, Floortje meets the first female Dutch ambassador Renée Jones-Bos who tells everything about her job in Russia and how she represens the Netherlands in Russia. They organised a Holland Alumni event for Russians who studied in the Netherlands. The event starts at 27 minutes. 

Holland Alumni in Myanmar

In the “Myanmar” episode, the Dutch ambassador Wouter Jurgens has an  English interview with the Deputy Minister of Information in Myanmar who is also a Holland Alumni. The interview is in English and starts at 28 minutes. 

You can watch the episodes here

(Image) Source: NPO

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