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How to survive a Dutch summer

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This week, the Netherlands will possibly experience the first heat wave of 2020. Although our little country has had its fair share of hot summers in the past, the last few years have shown that the Dutch beaches can be just as extremely hot as a the beaches of Spain, the French Riviera and the Algarve. Global warming may even create a new holiday destination for European tourists in the next decade, such as Playa al Scheveningen, or an Plage de Renesse. 

Coming weekend, masses of people will try to reach the beaches of North and South Holland and Zeeland with their cars, public transport, bikes, and slow little green scooters that are impossible to pass on the bike paths. But instead of spending the heat wave in your car waiting for traffic to move, or trying to squeeze yourself into a crowded bus and train towards Noordwijk or Zandvoort, stay at home and try some good old remedies to conquer the heat:  

  • When you wake up and the temperature is not at its highest yet, open all of your curtains and windows to let the cool air flow through your home. When you notice the temperature outside is increasing, close everything to prevent the hot air from coming in and the cool air from getting out. It is also recommended to do this in the evening, after sunset. 
  • Cool yourself down with a bucket of ice water. Soak your feet or elbows in this or fill a spray bottle with cold water and spray yourself when needed. Another method is to fill a wet towel with ice cubes and drape it in your neck or wrap it around your wrists. 
  • A lot of shops sell tiny little desk fans. If you have to work and are sweating away in your home office, plug this into your computer or laptop and continue working with a cool breeze in your face. 
  • If you have a garden, there is no need to visit the beach or public pool. Instead, buy an inflatable pool and turn your garden into a little recreational beach of your own. 
  • If you have no air-conditioning at your disposal, create your own by purchasing a fan and set a bucket of ice water in front of it. 

Luckily,  Dutch summers do not have the tendency to be very long. Hopefully  these tips and tricks will make the heat a little more bearable for everyone staying at home. Do not forget the corona measures, such as 1.5 m distance and avoiding crowded places, and remember  to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!   

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