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INDONESIA-NETHERLANDS RULE OF LAW AND SECURITY UPDATE 2019: “Collaboration for Security and Justice”

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This is what the INLU 2019 is about. The collaboration between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the fields of security and the rule of law doesn’t aim for quick fixes but is driven by home-grown solutions and sustainable reform, working towards a shared future supporting an International Legal Order. 

Participants of INLU 2019 took a photo session

Not only are we celebrating 50 years of collaboration on rule of law issues, INLU also cherishes the richness of the relation between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The bond between our two countries transcends the boundaries of states and formal agreements, as the connection is primarily rooted in familial relations and other people-to-people relationships. These connections are made mainly through education, knowledge sharing and joint research between youths and future leaders in both countries. From there on, these relationships grow and flourish, often in life-long friendships between people, carrying institutional bonds as well. 

The Indonesia-Netherlands Security and Rule of Law Update (INLU) is a bi-annual event that articulates these strong ties and longstanding relations between people and institutions, the profound connections between security and rule of law practitioners in our two countries. It provides a platform to discuss developments and topics that both countries face together, as well as each countries approach to similar issues domestically; such as promoting Access to Justice, modernizing legal education, efforts to improve data protection, budget accountability in the justice sector and working together to achieve the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) related to Security and Justice

The 2019 INLU was held on December 11th – 12th, 2019 at the Erasmus Huis, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the first day and Universitas Atmajaya on the second day. The 2019 INLU was opened by the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Indonesia H.E. Lambert Grijns; the Indonesian Minister for Law and Human Rights, H.E. Yasonna Laoly; and the Deputy Chief Justice of the Indonesian Supreme Court, H.E. Muhammad Syarifuddin. It was also featured the launch of the Access to Justice index by the Indonesian Agency for Development Planning (BAPPENAS).

Panel session at INLU 2019

The two days conference discusses and elaborated in-depth about the results and progress which has been made in the past 2 years since the INLU in January 2018, including on:


- Performance-based budgeting and budget accountability in the Attorney General’s Office 

- Modernizing Legal Education and Training of Judges and the use of caselaw  

- Corporate law and the enforcement of contracts

- Enhancement of alternative sanctions and prison reform 

- Individual Data Protection

- Improving access to justice

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