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Interesting MOOCs for logistics enthusiasts


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TU Delft and the University of Twente have published multiple MOOCs for logistics enthusiasts.  The courses are accessible to anyone, anytime and any place. Here  is a brief overview of all the MOOCs offered in the field of logistics: 

TU Delft: 

- The Next Generation of Infrastructure 

-  Hyperloop: Changing the future of transportation

-  Sustainable Urban Freight Transport: A Global Perspective

- Railway Engineering: An Integral Approach

- Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy

The Technology Behind the New Means of Transportation: 

Electric Cars: Introduction

Electric Cars: Business

Electric Cars: Technology

Electric Cars: Policy 

University of Twente:

 Supply chain innovation: How technology can create a sustainable future (FutureLearn)

The MOOCs are free of charge but some courses may charge a fee for an official certificate. Visit the websites of TU Delft and the University of Twente for more information and an overview of all the MOOCs offered.

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