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International student population increasingly diverse

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The international student population is becoming increasingly diverse in the Netherlands. On average, international students make up 12.2% of the entire student population. There are currently 122.000 international students from as many as 162 different nationalities! Nearly 90,000 are enrolled in a full degree programme, while the rest have come for a shorter stay such as a study exchange through the Erasmus+ mobility programme. 

Approximately one in four international students come from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). With 22,125 students, Germany remains the main supplier of foreign students to the Netherlands. German students represent nearly 25% of the international student population in our country. This figure is down from 40% in the 2011-2012 academic year. China is in second place with 4,475 students. The numbers of German and Chinese students are declining slightly, however, while the number of students with a different nationality is rising. As a result, the international student population is becoming increasingly varied year after year.

The interest in pursuing study programmes in the Netherlands increased the most among students from Italy (#3 with 4,077 students), Romania (#9 – 2,348), India (#11 – 2,021), Spain (#8 – 2,445), France (#10 – 2,341) and the United Kingdom (#5 – 3,109).

Check all the mobility statistics of Nuffic and their published report: 


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