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Introducing the new Netherlands Alumni in Kenya Board


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The Netherlands Alumni in Kenya today announced the appointment of new board members following a competitive application process. The five board members will serve for two years.

The board comprises of; Mr Isaac Otieno Okero (Chair), Ms Nancy Onyango (Coordinator), Ms Winnie Wambui Mbugua (Finance and Operations), Thomas Bwire (Membership and Media) and Kennedy Obara (Communications). The board will also be setting up various committees to steer multiple activities in the association such as refresher courses, workshops, fundraising and charity initiatives. The board will drive the strategic direction of the organisation, which represents more than 2000 Kenyan alumni who have participated in either short or long-term education programs in the Netherlands.

The board members met at a Nairobi Hotel with Mr Freddy Weima, Nuffic Director General and Mr Armand Galkema, Nuffic Country Programme Manager on 14 March 2019 during their Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) East Africa visit.

In his welcome remarks to the new board, Mr Weima noted, "Nuffic has over 60,000 registered Alumni worldwide, 40 Holland Alumni Associations and 80 online communities across the globe. Both the Netherlands and the world around us are globalising at a rapid pace. Companies and governments maintain many international connections, and cities and towns have developed multicultural societies. Education with an international orientation is essential in a globalised world as it contributes to the overall social and economic development. For these reasons, it is important for all students to develop international and intercultural skills.”

Brenda Odallo, Senior Economic Affairs officer at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who was also present at the meeting remarked, “The Netherlands Alumni Network are the true advocates of Dutch education. They remain our best resource in advancing the Dutch Government’s policy of utilising education as an enabler to sustainable development”. On behalf of the embassy, she assured the board of that the embassy will give full support to the new board and work for hand in hand with them to ensure that they have a vibrant alumni network and up to date database of all alumni.

In her briefing statement, Ms Nancy Onyango remarked, “ Since 2004, the Netherlands Alumni Association has been in existence, and we have been one of the most active associations globally, attested by our work and commitment to promoting higher education and capacity building, community service and growth of professional networks. As you all know, we have been operating without a formalised structure, and our main mandate as the board is to formalise the operations, develop and execute a strategic plan and also promote bilateral cooperation between Kenya and the Netherlands”.

For more information about the association, please contact:

Nancy Onyango - Email: 

Brenda Odallo -

NAAK Website:




Bios of the new NAAK Board 

KENNEDY OBARA: Mr Kennedy Obara is a Kenya-based editor and writer for Camafric News Agency. He serves as a CEO and director of news production the first and largest upcoming international media outlet. He is an alumnus of Columbia University and  Radio Nederland Training Center (RNTC).

WINNIE WAMBUI MBUGUA: Ms.Winnie Wambui Mbugua is the Regional Manager -Central at National Hospital Insurance Fund  (NHIF). Winnie is an alumnus of University of Nairobi (BA Anthropology) and  Maastricht School of Management. She is currently a doctoral candidate at  JKUAT. 

THOMAS BWIRE: Mr Thomas Bwire is the co-founder and editor at Habari Kibra, a news hub that focuses on stories about Kibera stories through analytical and development journalism. He is passionate about health and Science story telling.  Thomas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Mount Kenya University and is an alumnus of  Radio Nederland Training Center (RNTC).

NANCY ONYANGO: Ms Nancy Atieno Onyango is a communications expert. She has worked for international organisations such as UNFPA, GNP+ and RNW Media. Nancy is a Rotarian and an alumnus of Kenyatta University (Bachelor of Science), University of Amsterdam (Postgraduate Certificate in Culture) and currently an MBA student at Business School Netherlands.   

ISAAC OKERO: Mr. Otieno Okero is a Democratic Governance Expert. He is currently the Chief Technical Advisor for UNDP Nigeria. He Holds a Master in Arts in Political Science from Central European University and a Master of Arts in Development Studies from ISS, Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

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