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Just released, Startup Genome Report ranks Top 30 Global Startup Ecosystems

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Startup Genome recently published The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020 with some interesting findings.  Startup Genome has been tracking the growth of startup ecosystems around the globe since 2012. It ranks the top ecosystems by a number of metrics including performance, funding, connectedness, talent and knowledge.  

The top five are the same with some movement between them. Silicon Valley is at the No. 1 position. New York remains at No. 2, now newly tied with London. Beijing is at No. 4, and Boston is No. 5. Tel Aviv and Los Angeles tied at No. 6.

“Given an abundance of capital and investment, and being a magnet for global talent, London has risen to its current position of #2 from #8 in 2012,” according to the report. 

Aside from the rankings, one notable observation in the report  states: “There will be no ‘Next Silicon Valley.’ There will be 30.” That 30 refers to the number of cities that made it on the top ecosystem ranking list. 

Number 12 on the list? The Amsterdam delta. According to the report: "Amterdam’s food industry continues to grow. Picnic, the online grocery platform, raised a $275 million series C round in 2019. The Vegetarian Butcher, a meat substitute startup with 2,600 sales outlets across 13 countries, was acquired by Unilever in 2018. Wageningen University & Research was #1 worldwide in agriculture and forestry in 2019.  Also,  Highly skilled immigrants can qualify for the 30% tax reimbursement ruling, international graduates get one year to find work or start a business post-graduation, and there are entrepreneur visas available." 

Super giant rounds are also being raised in many more regions. 

According to the report: “When we analyzed companies in the Billion-Dollar Club–exits or private companies in technology with over $1 billion in valuation–in 2013-2019 we see that in 2013 only four ecosystems produced unicorns or billion-dollar exits. Today, a cumulative 80+ ecosystems have done so, astoundingly.” 

On a cautionary note, the report raises concern that emerging ecosystems might be more vulnerable from the pandemic and consequent economic downturn than developed ecosystems.  The interesting question for those nestled in Silicon Valley is whether remote work shifts the balance further, to the next 30. 

The Top 30 Global Startup Ecosystems and Runners-Up The Top 30 Global Startup Systems and Runners-up

Source: Crunchbase and Startup Genome 

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