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Logistics in Agribusiness Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City I Nov 30, 2018

  • 1 Dec 2018
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Logistics in Agribusiness Seminar in Ho Chi Minh City I Nov 30, 2018

Nuffic Neso Vietnam and TKI Dinalog were happy to co-host the Logistics in Agribusiness Seminar for the second time in Ho Chi Minh City on Nov 30, 2018.

There were 40 representatives from Nuffic Neso Vietnam, Dutch companies, Dutch alumni joining the event.

Thanks to Dr. Bart Van Ahee (CEO at Aheng & Associates Co. Ltd, also the member of Tan Cang STC at Consulting and training Council); Mr. Luu Van Tan (Diary Development Program Manager at Friesland Campina Vietnam) and Dr. Habib Rehman (Director at ICONICS Asia Pacific) for such informative presentations and shared valuable knowledge.

TKI (Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation) is the cooperation within which Dinalog, TNO and NWO act jointly to boost innovation in logistics. Their aim is to be the best logistics sector in the world. They want to structurally improve the cooperation between commerce, knowledge institutes and government. In this cooperation they work hard on innovation, but also on sharing knowledge, experience and results. They work on 3 types of projects: fundamental; industrial; experimental.

Besides, Postharvest Network was launched December 2014. The Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, together with Wageningen University and Research Centre, TKI Dinalog and the business community in the Netherlands, took the initiative to establish the Postharvest Network. The Dutch government challenged the Network to develop concrete projects to reduce food losses with market partners. In the Netherlands they have a very successful collaboration between the business community, governmental bodies and knowledge institutes. Their team is driven by one goal: create viable solutions to reduce post-harvest losses. Their team members know how to analyse food supply chains and how to trace food losses. They also know where to find the expertise to implement practical and proven solutions and how to create coalitions of the willing. Some of their projects focus on knowledge transfer and applied research in which students can participate as well. 

TKI Dinalog and Postharvest Network are interested in and very well positioned to help answer the question about how to feed the mega cities in Vietnam. This question can ideally be answered by the design of a road map for the coming years. This road map will consist of several sub phases and can consist of several parallel projects, depending on the demand. The final result has to be (a) seamless supply chain(s) for fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. Including closing the loops and circular economy opportunities.

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