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Looking for a core group to organise Holland Alumni events

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Dear Holland Alumni,

The Holland Alumni network annually organises a number of regional alumni events. These events offer alumni the opportunity to connect and exchange knowledge with fellow alumni and relevant organisations. In addition, they are informed about theme-related developments and the services Nuffic offers in the field of alumni relations. These events have a strong thematic focus, and if possible a clear link with the Dutch business community. Due to the current Covid-19 crisis these events will be online in October/November/December 2020.

The overall goal for all events and activities is linking knowledge and alumni. The thematic events are designed for local/regional discussing, knowledge and network sharing and problem solving within the chosen priority theme. Furthermore, we are aiming for stimulating the set-up of new alumni associations and reactivating the existing ones. We link them with other associations worldwide by facilitating and subsidizing them working together, now and in the future.

In the region of the Middle-East and Northern Africa, we have both OKP-alumni and MSP-alumni. We would like to connect them, both in network and in thematic knowledge. We propose to organise 2 hour-webinars in 6 or 7 countries in the Mena-region with each at least10-25 participating alumni from each country, OKP and MSP combined. The chosen theme for all 7 webinars will be related to the water-sector, but needs to be further discussed. 

We would like to set up a core group to organize these events, together with Nuffic. We hope for 2 alumni from each country who are willing to invest some time and open their network for this event. Nuffic is approaching interesting speakers and education institutes who are willing to participate. Due to the short timeframe, we ask you to e-mail if you are interested in joining this. Please provide us with your name, e-mail address, employer and position and tell us (in a few lines) why you want to join us. We hope for a lot of enthusiasm and response. Thank you in advance!

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