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My Studying in Holland Experience – One year after graduation

  • 24 May 2019
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  • Posted by: Jacqueline van Lier
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My Studying in Holland Experience – One year after graduation

Meet Maria, alumna of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. It’s been a year since she graduated in Art & Technology. She takes you with her on her journey from the moment of deciding to study in Holland to finding a job and building a career. 

Maria came to the Netherlands with a scholarship that covered a big part of her tuition fee. After four years of studying and working she felt ready to find a job in the Netherlands as an international. However, that wasn’t easy. Luckily internationals get one year to search for a job in the Netherlands. The first job she found was at an international influencer marketing agency in Amsterdam. Find out (and maybe relate to) how she found that first job and what happened to her career since this first experience in the professional field. What did she gain from her orientation year in the Netherlands and where did it take her? You can read it here.

Source: IntoSaxion

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Jacqueline van Lier



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