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Netherlands coronavirus healthcare workers receive nationwide standing ovation for tackling pandemic

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Residents of the Netherlands have taken to their balconies and doorsteps to clap and cheer on health care workers who are putting themselves at risk to stem the rising tide of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

Although the Netherlands has not joined other some European countries in implementing a full public lockdown in hopes of containing COVID-19, a shutdown of schools, restaurants and bars is in place and many residents are in self-isolation. As of Tuesday, the country had reported 1,705 cases of the virus, including 43 deaths and two recoveries. 

A video posted to Twitter Tuesday shows the homebound residents of the city briefly heading outside to step to their balconies and doorsteps at 8 p.m. and offer rapturous applause and cheers for the workers.

"At 8pm, people from across the Netherlands came outside - to their balconies, doorsteps, and more - all to clap and cheer on the country's healthcare workers who are keeping everyone safe. You could hear the clapping echoing throughout all of Amsterdam,". 

To see the video click here

Source: Newsweek

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