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New guide available on how to make inspiring case studies in inclusive agribusiness


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To learn more effectively from experiences with inclusive agribusiness initiatives, we need to be able to understand and compare these experiences better. A new practical guide from Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation helps authors to develop better case studies. The approach of this guide is unique in combining attractive audio visual design with robust analysis.

For a decade and more there have been many different initiatives to make agribusiness more inclusive. This means rethinking the way business is done so that the resources used, risks taken and rewards earned are shared more equitably between everyone involved. New business models, inclusive value chains, start-up hubs and programs have and are still being worked on. Many lessons can be learned from these projects and business cases on what works for whom and why. However, these efforts and the evidence of their outcomes are generally poorly documented. Good case studies should give an overview of what a project or business is doing and achieving, how and with whom. The problem is that many case studies are incomplete and lack good analysis. Others are too lengthy and costly to write, or are simply not appealing to read.

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) has published a new practical guide, called 'Creating effective case studies : a practical guide to making inclusive agribusiness experiences accessible and inspiring', to help address this gap. The guide was developed based on experience with five new cases studies over several years. The process put forward is useful for developing well thought through case studies in general. Proposed case study contents are more specific to inclusive agribusiness.

Read more and download the guide for free at the website of Wageningen University & Research.

Source: Wur.nl

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