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NL takes 2nd place in 2018 Global Innovation Index

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The Netherlands has climbed one place this year, surpassing Sweden, to make it to the second spot on the GII.

Dutch strengths
In particular, the Netherlands scores highly when it comes to business sophistication, ranking first place for this pillar. Other areas in which the country does well are knowledge and technology outputs and creative outputs, ranking in second and third place for these pillars respectively.

In addition to the three highly ranked pillars, strengths are exhibited on the logistics performance indicator and the sub-pillars of information and communication technologies and business environment. The Netherlands also displays strengths relative to the top 25 GII economies in the sub-pillars of education, knowledge absorption, online creativity and knowledge diffusion, as well as on several other indicators.

Dutch weaknesses
In terms of weaknesses, in the Netherlands’ case, they don’t tend to appear on sub-pillars, but rather reserve themselves for certain indicators, such as ease of getting credit and cost of redundancy dismissal, salary weeks. The exception to this is the sub-pillar of tertiary education, which is deemed a weakness.

Top 10 innovative countries

The number one country this year was Switzerland, which also took first place in 2017. The Netherlands came in second and was followed by Sweden, which dropped a place this year. In fourth place was the United Kingdom, climbing a place this year, and in fifth place, Singapore, moving up two places. The top 10 countries are as follows.

1. Switzerland
2. The Netherlands
3. Sweden
4. United Kingdom
5. Singapore
6. United States of America
7. Finland
8. Denmark
9. Germany
10 . Ireland

For more information, please see the Global Innovation Index website or the pdf document attached.

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