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NSvP Fellowship

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The NSvP Fellowship offers scholars from Dutch universities and research institutes the opportunity to work on a topic related to labor markets in the future. The fellowship is a collaboration between NIAS and NSvP (Nederlandse Stichting voor Psychotechniek).

About the NSvP Fellowship
During the NSvP Fellowship, researchers can focus on their research and explore the future of labor markets and the concept of ‘valuable work’.

Aim of the fellowship is to produce innovative insights, increase the body of knowledge and to encourage the development of scientific solutions for practical issues. The Fellow can work towards the following goals:

  • Write a paper describing new insights
  • Contribute to debates in the field and the public agenda
  • Link scientific research to the questions and needs of practitioners
  • At the end of the research period, the fellow writes a white paper (in Dutch), which will be published and distributed by the NSvP.
  • The inspiring international environment at NIAS offers researchers an opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary community of scholars.

Who can apply
The NIAS-NSvP fellowship is open to researchers with more than 10 years postdoctoral experience (senior) who currently have a temporary or permanent contract at a Dutch university and/or research institute. The fellow has an interdisciplinary approach to the subject and affinity with a psychological / organization-oriented approach.

For more information and how to apply check the website of NIAS

Source: nias.knaw.nl

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