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Refugee-student Mohammed: ‘I have to do it, whatever the cost’

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There are many highly educated refugee-students (asylum permit holders) who have the ambition to pursue an academic education in the Netherlands but do not yet have the right diplomas to be directly admitted. Tilburg University offers these refugee-students to opportunity to take a pre-Bachelor’s program that prepares them for an academic Bachelor’s program. In this way, they can still make their dream come true. One of the refugee students who used this opportunity is Mohammed, who is from Syria. Watch the video in which he tells his story.


The story of Mohammed

Despite the hardship he has experienced as a refugee, Mohammed has never lost sight of his objective of becoming a doctor. The pre-Bachelor’s program prepared him for an academic study program by bringing him to a higher level in the core subjects of Dutch, English, and mathematics. Attention was also paid to improving academic and study skills, building the student’s network, and choosing a suitable study program. Successfully completing the program will open the door for him to apply for medical training at a Dutch university. It has been a long road for Mohammed, but he is quite determined: ‘I have to do it, whatever the cost.’

Academic Pre-Bachelor

Are you currently working on your Civic Integration and is the State Exam NT2 your final goal? Would you like to study at Tilburg University or any other Dutch university but you (still) don’t have the right diploma? The academic Pre-Bachelor in Tilburg gives you the possibility to complete both in one year of study ánd to prepare yourself for a university-level program in the Netherlands. The Pre-Bachelor starts end of August and lasts until the end of June. Other Dutch universities offer similar Pre-Bachelor Programmes.

Source: Tilburg University

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