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Report about the Dutch ambassador Renée Jones-Bos (and a bit of NANR event shooting)


Alumni in Russia

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We would like to share with you a report made by the Dutch journalist Floortje Dessing about the Dutch ambassador Renée Jones-Bos and her work in Moscow. The story is focused mainly on the ambassador and her impressive diplomatic career. Forty years ago she worked for the first time at the Dutch Embassy in Moscow. In the meantime, she became the first human rights ambassador, the first female ambassador for the Netherlands in the US and the first female secretary-general at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Renée is married to Richard Jones and together they have two, now grown-up, children.

Floortje with her team visited Moscow in October 2018 and followed the ambassador to document her daily activities, and one of them was a NANR event, the talk show with powerful women hosted by the Embassy on the 04.10. Shots from the events start from the 26.00 min.

The coverage is mainly in Dutch so it's a good opportunity to refresh your Dutch :) 

 Watch "Floortje en de Ambassadeurs"

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