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Right of residence transition scheme for British citizens in the Netherlands


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The Dutch government has decided that, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, British citizens and their families who are lawfully resident in the Netherlands prior to 29 March will be entitled to live, work and study in the Netherlands for at least another 15 months.

This transition scheme will also apply to family members of British citizens who do not hold EU citizenship themselves.

During this 15-month period, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will invite the roughly 45,000 British citizens who are lawfully resident in the Netherlands to apply for a permanent residence permit, which will be required after the transition period. The IND will stagger the invitations across the transition period, allowing all those affected to properly organise their future stay in the Netherlands. British citizens will be eligible for the permit if they meet the same residence conditions that apply to EU citizens.

Minister for Migration Harbers: "Even after Brexit, British citizens will still be most welcome to live, work and study in the Netherlands. It is therefore important for the EU and the UK to reach solid right of residence agreements. Because there is still no certainty regarding this, the IND has made adequate preparations in anticipation of a no-deal scenario. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, British citizens who are lawfully resident in the Netherlands will be allowed to continue living there for a period of 15 months. Although this takes away their most pressing concern in the short term, they will require a permanent residence permit after the transition period."

British citizens who decide to come to the Netherlands to live, work or study after Brexit have the option to apply for a residence permit as a third-country national. However, these applicants will be allowed to apply for a residence permit in the Netherlands and will be exempted from the authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) requirement, just like Americans, Canadians, Japanese and South Koreans.

Source: IND

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