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SROL projects in Indonesia in the spotlight


Security and the rule of law

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The Netherlands and Indonesia have had a long - often complex - relationship of which the origins lie embedded in their shared history of colonial interactions. However, since almost 50  years the relationship between the two countries has changed into a strategic partnership in many ways. For instance in the Security and Rule of Law (SROL) sector the countries have the ambition to reform the security sector and the judiciary system in Indonesia through long-standing partnerships. 

Through Nuffic's NICHE programme, technical support has been provided to law enforcement agencies in Indonesia (through two projects that ended in 2019). One of the projects was a collaboration with  CILC (Center for International Legal Cooperation). This resulted in the upgrading of the training capacity of JCLEC (Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement Cooperation) on transnational crime, specifically on intelligence (data-analyses & basic intelligence) and criminal investigation (counter-terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling). 

The teaching skills provided to Pusdik trainings are beneficial not only to the direct beneficiary but to the whole sector. Pusdik trainers have shared their knowledge and skills with SPNs during dissemination. There is collaboration between the NICHE project and these trainings as well. - Gede Suardana, UK Programme Manager at JCLEC

Manual on blended learning available in Bahasa

The training centre of the National Police of Indonesia (INP) has been strengthened by 
Maastricht University which resulted in a renewed curriculum  a.o. on community policing, corruption investigation and children & women support. The training courses are now provided through blended learning allowing police officers in remote areas to participate in courses offered centrally by the INP.  The interventions at INP and JCLEC were closely aligned in terms of content, methodologies (blended and interactive learning) and gender objectives, creating synergy among the core training agencies of the INP. 

Special attention is paid to female and young victims during training in interrogations practiced through renewed scenario’s and real life cases. Women and children in counter-terrorism cases are now handled with respect for human rights. A women's school within the women and children protection unit has been established where special attention is given to children who have been trained as terrorists. To make interrogations more gender-sensitive, female police officers have been trained and appointed for the interrogation of women. 

Dutch and Indonesian officials posing for a picture

Visit of Dutch Prime Minister, Marc Rutte, to JCLEC in November 2016 accompanied by the Governor of Central Java, the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Jakarta and the Ambassador of Indonesia in The Hague. The Prime Minister praised the good cooperation between Netherlands and Indonesia on security issues and particularly on countering terrorism.

The new curricula are more applied. the modules and lesson plans developed are very relevant. The training approach has transformed the entire course at Pusdik Intel, 70% (230 minutes per training) of the training has become practical compared to the start of the project, which was just 30% (90 minutes per training). Practical elements of the course introduced are case studies, scenarios, role-plays, field visits which have been included in the lesson plans and modules. -  Heri Sudrajat, Head of Trainer Department, Pusdik Intel

Training simulation system

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