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SURVEY: Does Covid-19 affect your decision to stay in the Netherlands?

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Dear international graduate or researcher, 

Did you complete a degree (bachelor, master, PhD) or an internship in the Netherlands since June 2019? Or will you graduate by December 2020?

As a result of the global COVID-19 crisis, economies around the world have been greatly affected, impacting people’s lives and work, and possibly also graduates’ career plans. We would like to hear from you!    

With this anonymous survey, we would like to gain better insight into which factorsare affecting your future career plans in order to inform policy in this regards.  Your answers will help us to better inform you and other (soon-to-be or recent) international graduates in these unusual and challenging times. 

Completing thissurvey will take you approximately 10 minutes.Please completeitby10 September2020.


Thank you very much for your time and participation!

And please remember, wherever your road will take you, we would love to stay in touch.You can find the Holland Alumni network on and LinkedIn.

Link to the survey:

Best regards, 

The Holland Alumni network

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