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The end of one adventure means the beginning of another: from graduation to a career in Holland

Career in Holland



The summer holidays are just around the corner which means that many (international) students have graduated or about to. 

After finishing a Dutch programme  you may already be used to the Dutch culture, language and strange habits of your Dutch fellow students. Also, you may know some of the rules and regulations of studying in Holland. However, for starting a career in Holland, other rules and regulations apply, and where do you start looking for a job? 

The Holland Alumni network helps you to take a step in the right direction. Especially students from outside of the EU might be in need of information and connections. For example, have you heard of the orientation year (zoekjaar in Dutch)? Within three years after your graduation  highly educated, non-EU-members are given one year to find a job on the Dutch labour market. More information about the orientation year and other residence permits can be found here.

Once you applied for this orientation year it’s time to apply for jobs. Every country has different principles and unwritten rules for application procedures and so does Holland. Before applying for a job, it’s important to know your personal goals and motivations. You can figure this by means of self-assessment tests, networking and attending workshops and career events. Besides a stunning motivational letter, make sure your cv is up-to-date.

But, not everyone is made to work for a boss, some people prefer to start their own company. Did you know, for example, that there are various forms of working as a freelancer or being a business owner? There are several advantages and disadvantages of these various business types. Besides information about the necessary credentials, the pitfalls and so on, you can find a webinar on our website about starting a business in the Netherlands.

You can read more about the Dutch business culture, the language, salary and taxation and so on, on our website. Or you can connect with other Holland Alumni via the extensive alumni database or by getting in touch with a Holland Career Ambassador.

Don’t forget, the Holland Alumni network is here for you, for more tips and tricks and to expand your network!

So not a member of the Holland Alumni network yet? Then join now on

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