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The Netherlands in top 3 to prosper in the upcoming decades

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Which countries are best placed to prosper in the coming decades? The factors influencing a nation’s potential are many and varied. How strong are business rights? Are local businesses exposed to best practice from abroad? What is that country’s transport system or mobile coverage like?

KPMG’s Growth Promise Indicators report analyses data from a wide-range of sources to build a global picture.

  • 180 countries 
  • More than 20 years of data
  • Analysis of 15 categories – from levels of government debt and foreign direct investment (FDI) stock, to school enrolment and the strength of intellectual property rights.

For the investor, use KPMG's GPI report to evaluate and make more informed decisions about long-term location decisions. 

For governments, it will shine a light on who is leading the pack and provide insight into how they are doing it.

Switzerland has maintained its place at the top of the GPI ‘league table’, followed by the Netherlands and Singapore. Elsewhere in the top 10, Luxembourg and Finland have both moved up a single place compared to last year, leapfrogging Norway. This year’s ranking has also seen Mauritius, the Bahamas and South Korea make significant ground.

Download the Growth Promise Indicators: 2019 report to find out more.


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