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The Netherlands is one of Lonely Planet’s top ten countries to visit

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If you’ve been hesitating to come and visit this flat country, or you were feeling your national pride beginning to slip, then good news: according to Lonely Planet, the Netherlands is one of the top ten countries in the world to visit.

The travel guide placed the Netherlands in seventh place, and gave Aruba, also a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, fourth place. Each year Lonely Planet puts together guides on the best countries, regions, cities to visit and cheapest destinations of the year. Aruba was favoured by the judges not only on account of its sunny weather and palm trees, but also because a colourful and creative revival of the festival of Saint Nicholas is taking place there.

The Netherlands is ready to party

And as for the Netherlands, it’s ready to party in 2020. Apart from our usual reputation as a drug tolerant land, we’re also going to be hosting the Eurovision in Rotterdam this May. It will also be 75 years after the end of World War II. Lonely Planet is also paying a bit more attention to the mitigation of mass tourism- which has been a problem for the Netherlands. The guide encourages tourists to also visit the Waddeneilanden, especially if they want to avoid the crowds.

Dutch tourism office pleased

The Dutch tourism office was pleased with the decision of the guide, with General Director Jos Franken emphasising the importance of bringing tourists beyond the confines of Amsterdam, according to NOS. He is hoping that Lonely Planet mentions more less-known places in the future, so that tourism can be spread throughout the country.

Bhutan is the number one country to visit this year

Lonely Planet places Bhutan first on the list of countries to visit. According to the guide, the country is CO2 negative, and has a strict “low impact, high value” tourism policy. Salzburg, in Austria, wins first place in the city ranking, and the central-Asian Silk Road was named best region. Finally, the Eastern Lesser Sunda islands were chosen as the place where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Source: dutchreview.com 

Photo: lonelyplanet.com

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