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The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda


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On Wednesday, October 9th, The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda was presented at the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference in the RAI in Amsterdam.
With the recent cost breakthroughs, offshore wind is now established as a crucial pillar of the Dutch energy transition. Developing an affordable, low-carbon energy system in the Netherlands necessitates a large-scale roll-out of offshore wind power capacity in the Dutch part of the North Sea – to potentially 35-75 GW by the year 2050. The Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda proposes the development of the knowledge and technologies on the lower technology readiness levels (TRLs), that are considered indispensable to such a large capacity of offshore wind power. The agenda spans the R&D period 2020-2030.

The R&D agenda was presented by Bob Meijer, Director of TKI Wind op Zee, to Paulien Herder, captain of science of the Top Team of the Top Sector Energy. Paulien said that she was impressed that as many as 38 researchers from a large number of universities and research institutes in the Netherlands had contributed to the development of this truly ambitious R&D agenda.

The content of the R&D agenda was delivered by 38 researchers from the Dutch knowledge infrastructure. For defining such long-term R&D, out-of-the-box thinking is essential, therefore also scientific disciplines were involved that are not already directly related to the (offshore) wind industry. The R&D agenda also includes knowledge and technology development necessary for integrating offshore wind into the energy system and the natural environment.

The Topconsortium for Knowledge & Innovation Wind op Zee initiated the development of this truly ambitious R&D agenda. The agenda provides input into future R&D programming, and it is related to the Integral Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (IKIA) of the Dutch Climate Agreement.

You are welcome to download the Netherlands' Long-Term Offshore Wind R&D Agenda.


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