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The Netherlands one of the world's most innovative countries!

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According to the Global Innovation Index 2017, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the USA and the UK are the world’s most- innovative countries, while a group of nations including India, Kenya, and Vietnam are outperforming their development- level peers.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) provides detailed metrics about the innovation performance of 127 countries and economies around the world. Its 81 indicators explore a broad vision of innovation, including political environment, education, infrastructure and business sophistication.

The Global Innovation Index 2017 in its 10th edition this year, is co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, a specialized agency of the United Nations).The core of the GII Report consists of a ranking of world economies’ innovation capabilities and results. Recognizing the key role of innovation as a driver of economic growth and prosperity, and the need for a broad horizontal vision of innovation applicable to developed and emerging economies, the GII includes indicators that go beyond the traditional measures of innovation such as the level of research and development.


In this year’s edition of the GII, 15 of the top 25 global economies are in Europe. Europe is particularly strong in human capital and research, infrastructure, business sophistication.

European economies rank first in almost half the indicators composing the GII, and include knowledgeintensive employment, university/industry research collaboration, patent applications, scientific and technical articles, and quality of scientific publications.

Read the full press release here: https://www.globalinnovationindex.org/media-press-releases



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