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The Netherlands ranks first in 2019 Global Expansion Tech Index

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Velocity Global, the provider of global expansion services, has launched a new online guide to the most promising destinations around the world for business expansion, the company said. 

The 2019 Global Expansion Tech Index ranked the Netherlands, the United States, China, Denmark, and Singapore as the most favorable countries for tech businesses looking to move into new markets overseas.

The interactive data table, published as part of the business´s annual analysis of how US and UK tech firms approach global expansion, ranks 50 countries on connectivity, infrastructure, knowledge and skills, regulatory complexity and GDP growth, using figures from the World Bank and Global Economic Forum.

The data table´s built-in filters allow firms to order the ranking according to the metrics most important to them and see which countries best suit their specific expansion objectives. Germany, for example, is ninth overall but scored better than any other nation on infrastructure.

The microsite also includes an interactive infographic highlighting key findings from the company´s research into the expansion ambitions of 1,000 US and UK tech companies. The survey revealed that 90% of tech businesses across both countries plan to expand into a new market within the coming years, and that access to new customers and talent are the key drivers behind this.

Source: Financial News UK

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