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The Netherlands will ban disposable plastic products from July 2021

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Some great news for the environment! Plastic waste is one of the greatest issues facing our planet, and despite a slow response, countries have started to mobilize in the fight against plastic.

The Netherlands will also take another step in this battle starting from next year, reports NOS.

New measures will be taken next year from July 3, in order to stop the incredibly high amount of plastic waste ending up in the ocean and in the environment in general. These measures include a ban on some disposable plastic products, educational campaigns on alternatives to single-use plastics, as well as the recycling of more plastic products. The exact items the Netherlands will be banning is currently unknown.

This is part of a broader coordinated directive of European Union countries with the purpose of tackling plastic. All EU countries must include this directive in their national legislations.

Common plastic products

Plastic cutlery, chip bags, cotton swabs, cups and bottles are one of the most widespread plastic pollutants that can be found both in the sea but also on beaches and other natural environments. They cause great harm to the environment, with wild animals eating them accidentally. The plastic also ends up in food chains, and once it disintegrates into micro-plastics, it gets into everything, including our food supply and drinkable water.

Germany announced yesterday a ban on food trays, straws, plastic plates and cutlery and balloon sticks. This is part of a wider battle to eliminate the “throwaway culture”.  The Netherlands also banned free plastic bags in 2016, which lead to a substantial reduction in bag waste.

Source: DutchReview

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