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Tips and tricks for successful remote training

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Do you host remote trainings? Like many of us, you have probably also had to make the switch from in-person training to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other video-calling platform. It is not easy. Remote training is a lot less personal, and thus creating fruitful interactions may be a challenge. 

On the other hand, remote training also gives space for a wealth of new types of interactions. So, here we go, some tips to make your remote training educational and memorable!

1. Pop-up quiz

Create a quiz that requires one short answer from every participant. This activates everyone and makes them feel part of the group. Lost on ideas? Ask them where they work, what their favourite food is, or what their favourite drink is when having a meeting!

2. Map

Get a big map of the world (or country, or wherever you need) and ask everyone to write down where they live. If you are using Zoom, go to view options > annotate, to let all participants write on the slide.

3. Poll

When finishing the knowledge-exchange on a certain topic, use a poll to get a gist of what the participants thought of the topic, what they learned, what they liked, and what they thought could be improved.

4. Short assignments (<20 minutes)

Divide people into breakout rooms, assign a spokesperson (to avoid a mess when all returning to the main session!), and let people do a small exercise related to the training. In the end, when everyone returns to the main session, every spokesperson will give a short report of what happened in their group.

5. Secret exercise

During lunchtime, send everyone an email with a secret assignment. This should be an exciting, kind of secret, 30-minute-or-so assignment, that will keep people’s mind with the training content whilst they’re munching on their sandwiches.

6. At the end: strike a pose

Actual group trainings may have a group photo moment. Maybe difficult to recreate online, but it can be done! Tell all the participants what to do with their hands, and in the end, take a photo of the result. Share it for a guaranteed smile on everyone’s faces!

Hopefully these tips help! They were taken from this article on Check out their website (though in Dutch) for a lot more awesome content. 

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