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Wageningen University & Research again ranked best agricultural university in the world


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Once again, the QS World University Ranking has pronounced Wageningen the best agricultural university in the world. And the figures supporting the ranking are encouraging too. 

Wageningen has been the best university in the Netherlands for 15 years, according to the Dutch higher education guide (Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs). And this is starting to be reflected in the global list of top agricultural universities drawn up by QS. WUR has come out top now for the fourth time. Just like last year, Wageningen has scored significantly higher (97 points) than the university which now consistently comes second, UC Davis in the US (92 points).

The QS ranking, which is partly based on publication data from Scopus, also shows how Wageningen is performing globally per scientific domain. In the disciplines of Agriculture and Forestry, WUR is the global number one, but it also does well in the field of Environmental Sciences, coming eighth in the world. And Wageningen’s position in the area of Development Studies is remarkably strong: number 14 in the world. In all these three scientific fields, Wageningen is the highest scoring Dutch university in the QS ranking.

Because Wageningen is also assessed on its work in the Marine and Veterinary Sciences, it achieves a strong position in the broad domain of Life Sciences. WUR rose up the QS ranking from position 67 in 2019 to position 58 this year. Not an astounding gain, but one that at least suggests that Wageningen is maintaining quality in the face of rising student numbers.

Source: WUR

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