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We need to look at waste water differently! - an alumna story of Angela Pinzón Pardo


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ShPicture of Angela Pinzón PardoAngela Pinzón Pardoe got hooked to the field of sanitary engineering when she studied at TU Delft. Now a marketing manager at Nalco, Angela Lorena Pinzón Pardo is still highly motivated to change the way we look at water: “Waste water is very much perceived as something nasty. I find it very interesting to turn that perception around: to see the world of possibilities we can uncover by recycling.”

Angela: “I currently work for Nalco. That is a division of the worldwide company Ecolab. Nalco is the leading provider of integrated water treatment for different industries, chemical facilities, paper, food, everything.” She used to work as an industrial technical consultant, visiting the many client companies of Ecolab. Currently she moved to becoming a marketing manager. “This might seem like a completely different job title”, she says, “but there is a lot of similarities: I still advise clients from a technical point of view.”

Originally from Colombia, Angela moved to the Netherlands on a Nuffic scholarship in 2004. Looking back she tells: “I did my masters at TU Delft and I was particularly interested in Sanitary Engineering.” [Incidentally Delft University of Technology offers an award winning free online course on this topic] ‘Waste water’ remained her topic of choice, and after graduation she moved into the business of industrial waste water treatment.

Water psychology
 “How can you change the way people look at waste water? That question has motivated me deeply. As societies we are still discharging valuable waste water that could be recycled. There are still many companies who might recycle their water that don’t like to use treated water in their processes.” According to Angela Lorena Pinzón Pardo it’s not purely a question of technology; it’s also a question of psychology.

Angela works in a worldwide company, she visits many industries; her main goal in life is contributing towards sustainable development in the world. “Throughout my career I have created water solutions for businesses contributing to minimize the negative impact in the environment while positively improving their operations. I enjoy facilitating knowledge sharing practices.”

 How is a company like Nalco dealing with the corona-crisis? Angela: “Since three weeks there have been restrictions in the company worldwide. Now Nalco Leiden has also closed down, just like many other institutions. We are having online meetings, just as we are having now. As you hear in the background my kids are going bananas.”

Infographic on industries served by Nalco, an Ecolab company,  such as hotels, schools, office buildings, restaurants, grocery stores, processing plants, oil refineries, mining sites and many more.Image by Nalco, an Ecolab company

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