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Webinar – Strengthening African stakeholders to face climate change impacts: The AfriAlliance project activities in a nutshell

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On Wednesday 7 October 2020, AfriAlliance organised a webinar to present all its activities in a nutshell. We attended the webinar on behalf of the Holland Alumni network. The webinar was incredibly well organised and very educational. We would like to share with you some of the most interesting things we learned about AfriAlliance. Enjoy!

What is AfriAlliance?

AfriAlliance aims to better prepare Africa for climate change challenges by having African and European stakeholders work together. Lead by IHE Delft’s Uta Wehn, AfriAlliance engages in several activities in order to support the exchange of knowledge between Europe and Africa. AfriAlliance helps to identify demands, opportunities, and constraints at different levels and develop strategic advice for improving the collaboration between Africa and the EU.

Main objective of AfriAlliance

The main objective for AfriAlliance is for African and European stakeholders to work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy and capacity development in order to strengthen the preparedness of Africa for future Climate Change vulnerabilities.


The AfriAlliance works on several activities, some of which can be found below.

1 The AfriAlliance Stakeholder map

This is an interactive social network analysis of water and climate stakeholders. It visualises the connections between relevant actors in both Africa and Europe. Currently, the map has more than 570 connected elements. Perhaps your own organisation also fits on this map. You can find out where, by answering these questions

2 Social Innovation Factsheets

AfriAlliance has developed a collection of useful social innovation factsheets. These factsheets cover topics such as local knowledge & climate change adaptation, water use efficiency, drinking water, and so on.

Each fact sheet consists of four components (technological solutions, capacity development, governance structure and a business roadmap) and is available in both French and English, for maximum accessibility all throughout Africa and Europe. 

AfriAlliance has also developed a range of other publications, such as their Policy Briefs, which condense the key learnings of the project down into digestible policy recommendations. This, and other publications, can be found in the AfriAlliance Knowledge Hub.

3 Online Knowledge Sharing

Another important goal of AfriAlliance is online knowledge sharing. For this, they have developed two highly interactive MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course):

  1. Water and Climate Change in Africa
  2. Social innovation in water and climate change in Africa

Both MOOCs were completed in six weeks. The last MOOC, held in 2020, had over 800 participants. After each module was completed, AfriAlliance showed the highlights of each discussion

However, MOOCs are not the only way AfriAlliance works towards its goal of online knowledge sharing - AfriAlliance also has an Online Portal ( A key component of the website is the Knowledge Hub, which hosts key AfriAlliance publications and is regularly updated with range of water and climate related news, events and job opportunities are available. For example, on the Knowledge Hub, they also feature the Geodata Portal, where all kinds of data are collected for the purpose of monitoring and forecasting of water resources.

4 The Needs & Solutions Hub

Due to Climate Change, various water-related needs are arising for African stakeholders. AfriAlliance matches these needs with already existing solutions in the AfriAlliance Needs & Solutions Hub. Here users can search for solutions to their climate and water-related needs, while solutions providers can look for further needs that their solutions can assist with. 

On the Hub, users can also add their own needs and solutions by contacting AfriAlliance, or with the Solutions Submission Tool.

For a complete view on the activities of AfriAlliance, visit their website. There are also many webinars and symposiums that will be hosted in the coming few months. To view all events, check out AfriAlliance’s calendar.

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