Advice on how to start your business

Starting up a business in the Netherlands is certainly possible for internationals, although a great deal of organisation and pre-planning is recommended to ensure the best possible chance of success.

If in doubt, seek professional advice and to try to remain objective in dealings, especially during the planning stages.

It is possible to work as a freelancer or set up a business in various forms, for example, as a sole trader (eenmanszaak), a limited company (besloten vennootschap, BV), a general partnership (vennootschap onder firma, VOF) or an ordinary partnership (maatschap).

There are various advantages and disadvantages of these business types. On our page on company structures we briefly outline some of their implications. The information provided here on starting your own business is based on information from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Visit their website for more information.

Necessary credentials

For certain types of businesses (such as a restaurant, grocery store, financial consultancy or preschool care provider), you will need additional qualifications and credentials before you are allowed to open for business. The Dutch authorities are very strict, so do not assume that you will get the necessary papers after you have started the business and you already have clients – your business may be closed down and you may be fined if things are not in order.

For more information, visit the website of the Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Expertise in Labour Mobility

Other great sources for information on starting your own business are the websites of Startupdelta and Startup Ondernemersplein.

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